• The Thermal Processing Specialist

    DWC FoodTech is Australasia’s leading thermal processing specialist providing professional services to the food manufacturing sector for over 35 years.
  • Process Authority

    As a Process Authority, DWC FoodTech provides a tailored service for national and international manufacturers of heat processed packaged foods providing services and advice to meet industry best practices and regulatory requirements.
  • Training

    DWC FoodTech provides a range of training courses for the manufacture of thermally processed foods in the areas of retorting, UHT aseptic processing, microwave processing, manufacture of chilled foods, hot filling and nut processing.
  • Equipment and Product Validation

    As a Process Authority, DWC FoodTech completes temperature distribution and process evaluation trials across a wide variety of products using thermal process equipment including retorts, UHT systems, microwave systems, oven roasters and other thermal processing equipment to regulatory and industry standards.